AD: 992 Rubber Stamp Stores now listed

I just finished the November update and there are now 992 rubber stamp
stores listed (same number as last month, some additions, some
deletions). Most of these stores also carry scrapbooking supplies.
You can search by; State / Province, Country and even by Zip code (enter
your zip code to find stores within 100 miles of you). Click on the link
below to search:
formatting link
email me with any additions / corrections or visit the websiteand submit your changes.
If you own a rubber stamp store or your store has a decent selection of
rubber stamps, you can list it for FREE! (visit the website for details)
Happy Stamping!
Carleton MacGregor
PS: You may also enjoy a visit to a new stamping site:
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- Rubber stamp store listings------------------------------------------------------------------Visit us at ->
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