I would love to do some stamping on a domino and have seen some, but am new to stamping.. Has anyone here done these before..
I have seen necklaces, ornaments and pins that are beautiful...
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Hi Janice,
I have stamped on dominos and will share with you how I have done it. I know that there are very talented stampers on this group and so therefore, they may have a better way of doing it.
But here is how I did it. Okay mind you the dominos that I have stamped on have been those white smooth, almost like ceramic,any who, I have used the brilliance ink, which is a pigment ink, and sponged it onto the domino, then heat set it. Be careful because the domino gets really really hot. Okay then I use a palette ink (which is a hybrid, waterproof ink) and stamp my image on it. Now the reason I use the Palette ink is because you can use it to stamp on anything from paper, wood, glass, ceramic, cork paper (which I love) and clothing and stays fresh. After I let it dry, usually for 24 hours, you see I usually make a bunch of them set them aside to set and work on something else. Then I spray them with krylon spray to prevent any chipping or anything. Then I either attach a magnet, a pin backer or add embellishments. For instance I use wonder tape and wrap it around and dip it into glitter, which by the way never ever comes off and walaaaaaaa a domino something.
Clear as mud? Hopes this helps. Please ask questions if I have totally confused you.
Inky Huggz,
Missy Olson Angel #1754 North Branch, MN
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