Rubberstamp dolls/clothes

I'm looking for a company that has rubber stamp paper dolls and clothes.
Kids, moms and dads. Somewhere around 2" to 6".
I know crafts come and go but this newsgroup is slowing down so much. Just
a couple years ago it was going strong. Has anyone else noticed the RS
conventions are slowing down too? At first I thought it was because of
9/11/01 but it still hasn't picked up. That don't seem to be the case with
the scrapbook conventions/stores.
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Wave Jumper
I think it's just that stamping is no longer the Latest New Thing. Heck, I haven't picked up a stamp in months, especially since I took up knitting. Still pondering ways to combine the two, though.
As far as the newsgroup goes, it looks to me as if more and more newcomers to the 'Net are unaware that Usenet exists; they're hanging out on Web boards and Yahoo groups and that sort of thing. Which is a pity, really, because those groups have such limited audiences. The free, global nature of Usenet still appeals to me, but I admit I don't spend half as much time in newsgroups as I used to.
The usual way to kick things into action here is to ask a stamping-related question. So: Who's still stamping, and what's your latest project? Inspire us!
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Pat Kight
I haven't done much stamping lately. I'm headed up there this afternoon to put together some thank you cards for a couple of job interviews I've had.
I've been avoiding it mainly because the craft room is such a chaotic mess. I dread going up to reorganize it.
Also, I've been doing a lot of beading and needle work. Things I can sit downstairs in front of the TV and work on. I've never been able to do stamping that way unless I was doing Christmas cards where I worked in an assembly line fashion.
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hahahahahh. With me the leading question is: What stamps have you PURCHASED lately and what are your intentions!
I have always loved the layered look of the Hollyberry House stamps. That's what got me into this in the first place. Now, I've discovered the Outlines Rubberstamp Com.
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I've bought a lot ofthose. Haven't used them yet, but when I get ready to, I will have them!(that's my philosophy) I am also in love with Sandy Clough's work. Youcan find her stamps and brass stencils at
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Ibought a couple of the stencils, but I don't know if I will buy the stampsor not. I am more in love with her artwork, I think. Better to purchasesome of that rather than try to duplicate it. I'll never manage.I'm like you, Pat. I am doing more quilting and sewing lately than anythingelse. I have played a little bit with my Pergamano. I went to a watercolorstamp class last night at my paper craft store and I decided I wanted to doparchment Christmas cards. Need to find a pattern I like. Cindy
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