Rubberstamps to make paper dolls and their clothes.

I guess no one has any ideas about my original subject: Paper dolls and
their clothes. But then again, maybe no one understood what I was talking
about. LOL. Guess I'm dating myself but...I played with paper dolls and
designed clothes for them as a child and thought my granddaughter would
enjoy it using rubberstamps if I can find any. I did fink some in last
years Stampin' Up catalog but they've been discontinued. That's the story
of my life! I seem to be a day late on everything.
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Wave Jumper
I haven't seen any paperdoll stamps (although I've seen plenty of art dolls *made* with stamps). But you could always design your own and have them made into stamps here:
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like it would be easy enough to create a basic paperdoll body and maybe some outlines of garments (a dress, shirt and pants, etc.) that your grandchild could stamp and then color in the details to her heart's desire. (And yeah, I played with paperdolls, too, so you're not the only one dated here!)
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Pat Kight
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I was just browsing the closeouts at Plaid
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and I found a Mary Engelbreit paper doll stamp set. It might be something you'd like, and it's on sale at 50% off.
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think that Pat's suggestion of designing the dolls and clothes yourself is agreat idea.
Frugal stampers: the closeouts at is a good place to find stamping/craft stuff at a good price.
Sincerely, Risible
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Thanks for the site. It's a cute doll, I think my Granddaughter will love it.
I agree Pat's idea is great but I'm awful at drawing. The one and only time I drew a horse for my GD she couldn't figure out what it was! :-0
Thanks again. SAD
On 8/30/04 6:31 PM, in article
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Wave Jumper
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They sell only unmounted sheets...but they have what your looking for. Have a Blessed day!
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