Storing rubber stamps in a hot climate

We're moving some rubber stamps (mostly Stampin' Up, a few other brands)
out of a house that's being sold, and the relative who has inherited the
stamps is concerned about where we plan to store them.
The weather here is currently around 110-115F (43-46C) and the house is
cooled by an evaporative cooler. The next couple of weeks the humidity
will be fairly high (the "monsoon season"), so the cooler will have
little effect and it will probably be about that temperature inside the
This relative thinks the stamps will be as good as garbage if stored in
this heat. Surely they use much higher temperatures to manufacture the
What do people who live in similar climates -- say, Phoenix -- do to
protect their stamps from the heat?
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Lee Choquette
Lee: Since many of the stamps are Stampin' Up, I would contact the company and ask! I aked my upline (I'm a demonstrator) and she has no answer for you. The company website is
formatting link
There is phone number and e-mail contact info there for the company. Good luck. Kate Hass
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Kate Hass
While I wouldn't store them in direct sunlight, your stamps should be fine in the heat. Not so sure about the humidity though. I live in CA, so it doesn't get as hot or humid here, so I don't know how they would fare there.
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Jeannette Marsala

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