Watercolour Crayons and your Rubber Stamps

I got this from my altered books group. I have to share because I just tried
it last night and it does indeed work. lol so now I am spreading the news!
Try it its a neat effect! I usually don't post about things like this much
since I only have a few stamps so far, I was just amazed with the effect.
(from Amber)
I used a fairly detailed image and a medium sized stamp.
Apply the crayon _heavily_ - I used Caran d'Arche watercolor crayons. I
don't think oil based crayons would work because of the oil/water not mixing
Spritz very very lightly with a water bottle.
The effect is watercolor crayon-y. Most of the details aren't really
retained. I really like to stamp once with the watercolor crayon technique,
let it dry then stamp over the image with a darker ink. And what is nice
about that you don't have to stamp in the exact same spot, stamping sightly
off is really cool.
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I love playing with watercolor crayons....it adds just one more demension to RS...liek we need more? LOL
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