What Is Your Favorite Coloring Technique?

Okay so the last question got me to thinking. What is my favorite
coloring technique? I used to use my twinkling H2O's all of the time
and then I guess I got bored. Then I went to colored pencils, then
water color pencils, then my infamous chalk pencils and then I got
bored with all of that and went to paper piecing. A little more putsy
but then I didn't have to color in. Now, I am thinking hey what about
those twinkling H2O's, but that would entail taking out my heat gun
and getting some embossing powder and well I just sold all of my
embossing powder at my garage sale. Arghhhh.
So now I am thinking white colored wax pencil or white crayon. Hmmm.
So what do you do that is your favorite?
Inky Huggz,
Missy Olson
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Hmmm...my favorite coloring technique...I guess that would be watercolors. I like pastels too so I must like the soft touch. I bought lots of H20's when they first came out but have never used them.
What's this "white colored wax pencil or crayon" technique? I don't think I've ever heard of it.
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