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Craft Pattern Butterick 5752 sew-32ml 12905938
Craft Pattern Simplicity,Gummi Bears,sew-33ml 12905953
Craft patterns Barbie n Ken wardrobes,sew-34ml 12905966
Calendar 1992 Afghans to crochet,sew-35ml 12908372
Calendar 1994 Afghans to crochet,sew-36ml 12908382
Calendar 1991 Afghans to crochet,sew-37ml 12908383
Quilt pattern Flower Garden,sew-38ml 12909844
Needlework Patterns-1974,Magazine, book, sew-39ml 12909862
Beading n Macrame,Magazine, book, sew-40ml 12909878
Beading w a flair,Magazine, book, sew-41ml 12909894
Patterns Crocheted Tablecloths,bedspreads,Magazine, sew-42ml
Patterns Doilies knitted,crochet,tatted,Magazine, book, sew-43ml
Patterns Crocheted Heirlooms.,Magazine, book, sew-44ml 12910904
Patterns Treasures in Crochet,Magazine, book, sew-45ml 12910916
Patterns Crocheted Elegance,Magazine, book, sew-46ml 12910920
Patterns Tablecloths n bedspreads,Magazine, book, sew-47ml12910925
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