FO: Hats from Vintage Patterns

Hey Guys,
A while back I posted about my windfall of a bunch of vintage pattern
books. Well just to test out a pattern or two I made the boys a couple
of hats from a Columbia Minerva Beehive pattern book from the 40's. I
used Patons Classic Merino. Wanna see?
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you tell it was pretty hot that day?
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Hi Hesira,
The hats are beautiful, but I love the models more. Such cute little boys and to wear a winter hat when it's so hot, better reward them for modeling them.
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Thanks Nora and Marie (and the cats)!
You know I reward them everyday for being such sweethearts! #1 really didn't want to pose, but he mustered up a smile for me anyway.
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Once again, you blow me away with your BEOOOTEFUL work! The hats are darling ... and like Nora, I enjoy your sweet models just as much as seeing the hats! :o)
Eve :o)
PS - Thought it was cute that you used "aerial view" to show the top of the one ... like you are a GIANT taking the pic! LOL
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