how to roll hem or other finish for sheer fabric

I have not rolled a hem in over 10 years. I think I have the foot to it
for both my machines (singer and elna), but I have no idea how to use
it. does anyone know of a web site with pictures on how to use it?
Then again maybe I don't need it. I'm making a ballet outfit for a
little girl for Christmas. It's very sheer fabric. Is there some other
way I can finish the edges with a serger (I think I can still remember
how to thread it!).
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Hi Lisa,
Well you could:
1) Plain serge it with matching thread - maybe a narrow 3 thread overlock 2) Roll hem it with the serger if your machine does this function 3) roll hem it with one of your SM's and the correct foot 4) hand roll hem it.
Look at Kate's website:
formatting link
I'm sure she covers rolled hems in her 'Learning zone'
HTH Sarah
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Sarah Dale

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