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FA: 1960s Singer Sewing Machine Buttonholer Complete (Clear, Detailed Pics)
Hello :) Up for auction is a 1960s Singer Sewing Machine Buttonholer, complete with all accessories. starting bid: 7 cents here's the link to the auction where you can view some clear, large and...
10 years ago
Down Duvets
Down Duvets To sleep under a goose down duvet feels like sleeping under a warm puffy cloud! Luxuriously lightweight and fluffy, goose down is nature's best insulator. Goose down filled duvets warm up...
10 years ago
Empisal Pacesetter sewing machine manual
Anyone have one of these machines (and have the instruction manual for it) or know where I can get one at a reasonable price. The machine is similar to a Brother, in fact there might be a Brother...
10 years ago 1
Free "Hibiscus" and "Orange Blossom" sewing pattern
Flowers Free machine embroidery without registration! All embroidery formats. Please download excellent free machine embroidery design "Hibiscus" and "Orange Blossom" No fee. No registration just...
10 years ago
New Crafter's Center
The new Crafter's Center, an extension to Crafter's Corner, found at intended strictly for crafter's of all media to build their ownonline blogging shops. It includes 'eShop' a program to help you...
10 years ago 1
Duck Tape "dress" Form
Hello Everyone, I'm a bit sheepish to ask this question now that I've visited several of your sites & photo places! Ah well, here goes: How can I sew a cap or something over the arm & neck holes and...
10 years ago 2
I'll bet you've not heard this sewing machine problem before
I bought a used Babylock sewing machine (not a serger) at a yard sale for $40. The yard sale was at a storage unit that had been abandoned and the property owner was selling off the contents. It...
10 years ago 8
Fabric stores in New York City
Hi fellow stitchers, I know this question has been asked in the past but stores come and go so I'd like up-to-date info. I'm going to NYC the week after Easter and would like to browse/shop at some...
10 years ago
Hand-rolled hem ... I'm lost as to exact process.
Between 15-20 years ago, I remember seeing a program on TV on a local PBS station that talked about the hand-rolled hem. She told us to remember the #11 and to stitch to show like a #11 it in such a...
10 years ago 4
making patterns
years ago i bought a book, about making patterns from clothes you like, cant remember the name of it right now. but, if you already have sewing knowledge so that you know what has to be cut on the...
10 years ago 5
Another honey-do completed
In a seemingly never ending list of things to do, your intrepid compatriot hereby declares another honey-do as finished. Awhile ago, my Wife asked me to make a collapsable lectern for her to use in...
10 years ago 2
A quick gift idea.
Here is a scarf I made today from some fabric I have on hand and am using for a series of quilts for wounded Veterans. I power pieced the cut strips into the needed combinations for a 9 patch pattern...
10 years ago 8
Results of those Long, Cold February Days.
I have been waiting for spring to arrive here in the Midwest, and I made myself a large sketching board to take out into the woods and sketch pastoral views. I needed a larger carry bag to handle the...
10 years ago 19
Atlanta Thread maxi-lock thread sale
Atlanta thread Co. sent me an e-mail about having a Serger thread sale. $1.58 per cone for maxi-lock. going on till sunday. No affiliation, just a satisfied customer. John
10 years ago
All those aprons
i have 4 aprons and a friend saw me wearing one , thus she brought me 2 more ,,, my `older ` aprons used to be skirts , now the 2 new aprons have a very pretty pattern , exactly a cushion size ,, so i...
10 years ago