tension problem

I'm relatively new to sewing so bare with me. I have a Juki DU-141NH
machine that I have been learning with. I purchased the machine used and
spent quite some time getting it in working condition. I have now ran into
thread tension issue that when I raise the foot and the thread tension
(like it is supposed to I think...)but if I put a thick piece of fabric
under the
foot, the tension does not engage. At this point there is no upper thread
and thus does not stitch.
Does this sound like this could be a problem with the thread tension or
the knee
lift assembly? Has anyone else had a problem like this before?
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Sounds to me like you are asking it to do more than it is designed to do. That model will not sew anything over 3/8 inch and that is pushing the limit. 5/16 and under it is best suited for. If it is doing this on materials within the range the tension release pin can be shaved down a bit, but do not go so far as to make so it will not released when the foot is raised.
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