Another starter's topic - best starter video

Seems like starter topics are in popularity so here goes:
If youve seen or bought a video/DVD, which one would you recommend as
suitable for the absolute beginner, having the basic info and carrying
the newbie from "Yah, I've seen it done once. Seems like fun" to "I can
do basic turning now and perhaps advance on my own"?
Something from the LV collection? Taunton press?
Also, has anyone relied on such a video to learn the basics on his own
(no class or hands on prior to watching the video and making some
progress alone)?
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I happened upon your post and I think I have the perfect site for you. I work for Technical Video Rental, we specialize in renting out instructional videos on many different topics including in your case, turning. We currently have 37 videos on turning. Please feel free to browse through the videos at
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I hope you find this site useful. If there are any questions I can answer, please don't hesitate to write to me at
Thanks, MJS
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