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I have both the Delta Midi and Jet Mini in my shop. Delta weak link is the plastic handles - but with proper care and not over tightening will last as long as any other handles. On/Off switch location is major difference - Delta on left, Jet lathe on right. I like the Jet because of the switch location. Minor distinction - and that is the case of the difference between them: minor. Whatever 'feels' good, I'd say.
Also this question has been asked before and by doing a search on the newsgroup, you may find more responses to help you decide.
Either one: enjoy turning - make chips!
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Don in E Texas
We have the Jet, Delta and General at the school where I teach. I like the General and Jet more than the Delta. Other than replacing the switch the Jet have required no repairs. The General needs a fewadjustments out of the box but runs fine after that. The Delta has had the plastic handles replaced numerous times.
Jack Grube
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Jack Grube
Well, to throw another lathe into the fray, how about looking at the Vicmarc VL100. You have to get your own motor for it, but motors aren't that expensive, unless you go for variable speed. And in my impression, as many claim the Jet being far superior to the Delta, the Vicmarc is clearly superior to the Jet in terms of quality machining.
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Jim M
That may have been your limit on the Jet Mini but it's not THE limit of a Jet Mini. I've gone a bit further (I don't dare say it's THE limit as others have probably done more) and turned a 9.75" diameter x 13.5" length piece of elm into a mushroom piece (I know Chuck has done the same ... where do you think I get my ideas from? ) and am working on a hollow vessel from walnut that is 9.5" diameter and 11" deep. The Jet Mini isn't tied (bolted) down either. Very smooth and stable with the out of balance pieces.
I like my Jet Mini. Never tried the Delta. Looked at it but chose the Jet. - Andrew
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We need some Delta mini lathe defenders.
This is one of the main reasons I bought the Delta over the Jet and General. The other reason was a significantly lower price for the Delta. I guess changing speeds on the lathe is somewhat more important to me than others. I also prefer having the on/off switch in the Delta position. I've used the Jet mini lathe too. In use both lathes are pretty much the same.
If changing speeds is unimportant to you, then buy on price.
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Russell Seaton
I did have a Delta midi lathe. I was happy with it's performance but.... I burn out the motor and the main switch. Finally, the head stock was not line-up with the tail.... So quality control is not very good with delta.
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Stephane Guerin

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