DIY Jet Midi Lathe Stand

Call it a Jet mini or a midi, but either way, the steel stand sold as
an accessory didn't impress me much.
So I built this thing. Rock solid, no vibration or sway, and other
than a modicum of time, it cost very little to build. The lathe is
registered to the top with hanger bolts, but not tightly, only to
control vibration which might allow movement. Thick woven synthetic
pads are located under each mounting boss for further vibration
absorption. The bed is 3.25" thick, and 10" wide.
Further improvements include a removable tool-tray on the headstock
end for chucks, jaws, tools, etc., and a sloped shelf for holding
cutting tools that are awaiting use.
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Being wood, it may loosen up over time, but so far it's impressively solid - even with a big, unbalanced cherry blank mounted. The 1/2" carriage bolts may be tightened to compensate for 'wear'. Blocks are glued and screwed, and the entire thing knocks down.
Greg G.
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Greg G
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Wow! Nice looking stand there. I like the heavy but uncluttered look. Without all the little cracks, crevices and hard angles I am sure it makes it a snap to clean up. Looks really sturdy, too.
Good work!
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Thanks, Robert. It's pretty much a glorified sawhorse, but it's what the job called for. It may vibrate itself to death in a couple of months, however. We'll see...
Greg G.
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Greg G

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