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Incidentally, I have yet to find a face mask that fits properly with
> glasses, any ideas, better make a new thread for that one.
> Dave Lawson
> Redditch UK
Try the AOSafety full-face model- fits nicely over glasses, including
those oversized goggles. It does not, however, fit comfortably with any
of the half-face respirators and you may need to re-think your
respiratory protection methods along the line of particulate filters
like a Cool Max mask or similar.
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Victor Radin
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I bought an el cheapo face mask from Harbor Freight and it doesn't restrict my glasses in any way.
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This AOSafety mask (available at a nearby True Value lumberyard) works well with glasses and with a Dustfoe 88 dust mask.
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Derek Hartzell
It must be the shape of my face then as all face masks I have tried push my glasses upwards. Not too much of a problem but one I could do without. My preferred model is the single cartridge type from Craft Supplies UK as it feels firmer than the thin paper types I've tried. None will let glasses sit properly and I've noticed all the catalogue pictures fail to show a model wearing glasses.
Dave Lawson Reddtich UK
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David S Lawson

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