Natural edge bowl finish

I haven't had a lot of experience with turning green wood bowls but a
friend had an old friend cut down recently, namely a Port Orford Cedar
outside his office.
I've made a bowl for him and got it to dry without cracking. He would
like a "natural" finish on it hoping to still be able to smell the
natural fragrance.
Does anyone have a suggestion?
Thanks in advance,
Steve Sheridan
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Put a small piece of unfinished wood inside the finished bowl.
Jim Cunningham
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If he is not going to use it for anything wet like salad. Then why not leave it unfinished........ If you would prefer to finish it, I would go with tung oil and then buff it with the beall buffing system, then put a handful of the shavings from when you made the bowl in it so he can get the maximum amount of cedar scent..... Just have fun with it....... Ken..... -- Ken Bullock (Woodturner) New Brunswick, Canada Visit my web site for woodturning Tools, Videos and E-Books
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Ken Bullock
I enjoy turning Eastern Red Cedar. My favorite finish is sanding sealer followed by wax, it gives a nice finish and holds the color. I can pick up any of these pieces and easily smell the scent through the finish.
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Michael Marxer

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