Need info on lathe - Gerry's Tool Wood copy lathe

Just took possession of a lathe. The maker's plate says
"Gerry's Tool Wood copy lathe Model NCL-1000".
Anyone know anything about this lathe? It came with a
book on turning by Richard Raffan, but no user's manual.
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David C. Stone
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Until someone that knows something turns up, I'll mention that I found some hits on Google for a lathe called an NCL-1000 made by Mori-Seiki. Here's a shop that mentions having one:

If worst comes to worst, maybe they could make you a copy of their manual, if you asked nice. They could probably at least shoot you a picture so you could decide if it was the same unit.
Here's Mori-Seiki's page.

It's also possible that the identical model numbers are just a coincidence. Good luck on that. Some day I hope to try some turning myself. Till then, I enjoy learning a few things on the group.
Mike Beede
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Mike Beede
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Looks like the match is just a coincidence. The label on the bottom says "Made in Taiwan", so I woudn't doubt that "Gerry's Tools" was simply an importer. Also says that the lathe was built in 1985, so I doubt I'll find much current info on it.
I still intend to have some fun with it, though!
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David C. Stone

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