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Hey Josh, A question first. Have you turned before or worked wood at
all? If you just want to try out turning then how about a mini lathe
like the mini Nova or Jet. Supposed to be real nice lathes. That way
if you like you can get a bigger one later and still have a nice,
small, very usable lathe. The tools you use will be the same, chucks
etc will need adapters though. If you don't like turning then a good
quality mini lathe is easy to sell and you won't be out too much $$.
That being said, I have a Nova 3000 with a 3 phase motor and
controller, and yeh, I lust after a Stubby but every time I go out to
my lathe and do my thing I don't feel the need for anything else. Yes,
the tailstock is minimal at best but it still does its job. The
turning head works beautifully and I don't want for any more power. 16
inch swing is a lot of wood if you fill it up (I've done it a time or
two:) ) Total for the lathe and motor set cost about $1200. For the
price difference you can get a whole bunch of quality tools and
accessories. I have seen Oneways and just pictures of the Stubby and
the Nova does not compare in fit and finnish but it does a
journeyman's duty of spinning wood just fine. Just remember the lathe
is only the beginning :) Have fun and enjoy which ever one you choose,
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Josh -- I know of a Conover lathe in excellent condition for $ 2,000. It all depends on where you are, as shipping any lathe massive enough to be worth owning will be expensive. The Conover lathe is in southern New Hampshire.
Safe Spinning,
Brad Vietje Thetford, VT
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