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>> It looks like I may be in Indy thursday and friday of [last] week on >> business.
Sorry I missed your post, but, if your back in town again you might try
>one of the following.
>New Woodcraft store on 86th st.
> 7330 East 86th Street
> Indianapolis, IN 46256
> 317-578-3400
While the store's *address* is on 86th St, its actual *location* is nearly 1/2
mile *north* of 86th along the frontage road that parallels I-69 on the east.
I'm not sure exactly how to get there, since I haven't been to the store yet,
but the store is clearly visible from the highway, and it's nowhere near 86th
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Doug Miller
I've been- It is in fact on 86th Street- The old store was on 82nd Street, you know. Look on a map- the same street changes names as it winds along.
-Dan V.
On Tue, 01 Jul 2003 12:59:07 GMT, (Doug Miller) wrote:
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Dan Valleskey
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Thanks, Dan, I'll check it out. I don't get up to the Castleton (Hassle-ton) area very often, so I may well have mixed up the streets.
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Doug Miller

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