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Found a link to this Master's site in Taunton's
Knots forum. If you think you've seen most of
the possible ways to hold two pieces of wood
together - well think again. If you think that
if you've seen a well executed dovetail joint
qand that you've you've seen all the dovetail
variations possible - well think again. If you
think you've already seen the nicest wood there
is - think again. If you think that Krenov couldn't
possibly be out-Krenoved - you maybe want to
think again. After you spend an hour or so on
Yazawa's site you'll come away saying "DAMN that
guy is a great woodworker - and truly a master of
his craft! When your depression wears off you'll
have another example of craftsmanship to shoot
for in whatever type of woodworking you do
formatting link
If you're a handtools junkie - check out his shop. Never saw so many Japanese saws in one place.
charlie b
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charlie b
On Mon, 11 Sep 2006 20:46:32 -0700, charlie b wrote:
As I've just messed up a set of through dovetails, it was a bit depressing to see the joints this guy makes !
Ah well, more practice...
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