should all turners have a fireplace

turners should have at least one
find it hard to resist turning a blank i like even knowing that the
visible crack looks deep
probably deep enough to guarantee a failed turning
but i turn it anyway just because the wood is a good specimen
what are some tricks to try and save these hopeless cases
resin might work but sometimes the piece will let loose the internal
stress before resin can be applied
maybe the problem is the wood was not seasoned properly but some
wood seems to dry so fast that no amount of wax or sealing will
save it
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Electric Comet
I started to turn a salad bowl in >20 years old elm. I had almost finished hollowing and while I was sharpening the gouge, I heard an ominous sound. There was a stress crack that stretched from the rim almost to the base. I eventually bandsawed the crack and intend filling it with a brightly coloured resin. Otherwise, my neighbour happily accepts the dry offcuts and failures.
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On Thu, 8 Mar 2018 11:39:17 -0700
have seen furniture with the brightly colored resin embedded in the cracks
they just filled in the natural cracks and splits then surface planed the whole thing and it looked good
will you put it back on the lathe to turn the resin
do not breathe that stuff
i hesitate whenever i introduce toxic synthetic materials into the sawdust because i use the sawdust with mulch
having one close by is just as good
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Electric Comet
I haven't progressed that far yet. There's a new resin out called "Eco-poxy" that is supposed to be less toxic.
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IMHO it is an absolute necessity, for two reasons. 1) It gives you a place to dispose of your mistakes and failures. 2) It gives you a place to chill and clear your mind after a frustrating day at the lathe. ;-)
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Dr. Deb
On Sun, 11 Mar 2018 06:33:26 -0700 (PDT)
or gives you time to think about how to salvage a piece before it goes in
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Electric Comet

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