To Boil or Not

I've read a thread some time ago about boiling a bowl to keep it from
warping. Since I've already tried LDD and really don't like messing with
it, I tried boiling (cheaper too). So far on the smaller bowls, maple and
such, have worked great (cherry turns a little darker, but I like it that
way). I'm getting ready to move onto larger bowls and was wondering how
many others use this method or if I'm missing something here?
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Both boiling and soaking in detergent purport to be answers to problems I don't have, though I believe the boiling is touted as a method to dry the piece faster more than a way to prevent warp. I personally don't like the effect boiling and its sibling microwaving have on the appearance of cherry, though steaming does help with color in the sapwood of cherry as well as walnut.
There's certainly a bit of personal danger in the equation as well, so Google search this group for boiling, paying especial attention to Steve Russell, I believe.
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I've had limited sucess with both LDD and boiling. Boiling seems to be a bit better for me. Now I tend to just throw the roughed out item in a sack with shavings and forget about it for 6 months or so.
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Bruce White
I will attempt to refrain from repeating my previously posted comments on LDD as being the nonpareil and sine qua non for the prevention of turning objects warping, cracking and otherwise suffering from undesirable, unintended and frustrating outcomes. As has been explained any number of times, ad nauseam, no doubt and upon which I will not dwell, unsuccessful outcomes with LDD is predominately caused by the straying from the clearly defined path of rectitude in applying this panacea. As a reminder, and not to go too far in depth of hitherto carefully explicated benefactae majoris, it renders ones digital extensors soft and clean. It it is a tenet of belief in the LDD world that the only scoffers of LDD are those who have not tried it sufficiently and followed instructions. A few general comments now follow along with news from the grapevine.
In apposition to boiling, micro waving, steaming and freezing, it leaves fingers unboiled, un-micro waved, unsteamed and unfrozen. It is cheaper in the long run as, other than in the initial investment of ca. $10 US or $20 CD, £5, ?8.05737, etc., it requires only occasional refreshing with an additional quart/liter or so of new LDD. Those who use the varied ways of "drying" must invest time waiting on the process whereas, for LDDers, it is from the tree to finished product in a day or two. For those still struggling to understand, a crude example is sex. You obtain a fine piece of wood and nurture it for months and then expecting a magnificent ending -- it cracks or goes bad on you. Whereas, LDDers are the" wham-bam, thank-you-ma'am" types and can indulge more frequently and with demonstrated great results and appreciation!
In regard to boiling, rumor has it that Steve Russell bought a disused, oil storage utility for his experiment in boiling. He took the top off of a 500,000 gallon storage tank, filled it with green wood and assorted turnings and with oil from the remaining tanks heated the wood tank to boiling and is carrying on his experiment. Word is that he is drilling new wells to furnish more oil and natural gas to fire the boiler. He is expected to release a cd with video on the results in the "near" future. Also heard on the grapevine is he is constructing a giant microwave oven with salvaged portions of the Distant Early Warning Radar Line to further his experiments in microwave drying of wood. Mind you this is only rumor, but advance sales of his cds are expected in the very near future.
Well, I guess that catches everyone up on the latest advances and retreats in the preparation of wood for turning. For those desiring further, detailed information email me directly for a copy of "The World-famous Treatise on LDD." Thanks for your attention,
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Leif Thorvaldson
Also heard on
======================== Leif, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one on here old enough to remember the DEW Line! (:-) Ken Moon Webberville, TX
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Ken Moon
Hi Ken, Dew Line! I'm old enough to remember the MAGINOT LINE being _planned. (caps are for Pascal) When I was "trudging miles thru the snow to school" early warning systems meant listening for the train, ear on rail to be sure it was safe to cross the bridge.
Leif must be a politican as well as a soap salesman. He sure is slick at hiding his patrician Scandinavian background. He uses folksy words that don't talk down to us. :) Arch
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Thank you Leif. That was very eloquently stated. I've read many of your posts and enjoyed them. However, my intent here is not to compare the two methods or to justify one over the other. I have tried both of these methods and simply wanted some input from others on the boiling method. My comment on LDD is a personal preference and only offered as an explanation on why I am looking into boiling.
George, thank you for your recommendation on Steve Russell. I'll do some research as you suggested.
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I know about it too. I was on alert when they started feeding them false echoes to test, and forgot to cut them out of the "actual" loop into the gaming loop. Let me tell you, when I first decoded that "Actual," I went to pucker factor ten.
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