Yates American J170?

Tomorrow evening I am going to look at this lathe. The fellow selling it
is asking $250 and says it is in excellent condition. I have
looked at the OWWM web site and have a pretty good idea of things to
look for , ( I currently have an ancient Delta Homecraft)
but I would appreciate any comment on personal experience with this
lathe. I will have to get this beast down the basement stairs,
so if you know that it can be disassembled and put back together without
too much difficulty, I would like to hear about that, also.
Carl McCarty
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Carl McCarty
The Yates American J170, in even fair condition, is worth $ 250.00.The base supporting the head and tailstock can easily be detached, leaving just three pieces to deal with. The banjo,toolrest and tailstock support are not heavy. In removing the bed at the headstock you will discover two locating pins that enable a perfect re-alignment of the bed assembly and centerline adjustment. The quill in the tailstock works in reverse of most lathes. Unless absolutley necessary, do not remove the motor or variable sheave mechanism. The motors that accompanied the J 170 were typically 1/2 HP three phase. One downside is the spindle is 1 1/8" x 8 TPI, which is not real popular.
I have had, and modified three of these to date. If interested just email me and I'll send some pics that show riser blocks and motor repositioning.
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Dave Reasons

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