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Work in progress
I finally got a bit more of the project done. It's at Hope you like it. ______ God bless and safe turning Darrell Feltmate Truro, NS, Canada Hey Darrell if you left the opening a little smaller you...
14 years ago 2
Musing about things I had assumed I knew, but didn't.
Not the first or last, but here are a few things that I assumed I knew something about til I realized that I didn't. Wonder if y'all have a few of your own?...
14 years ago 14
Woodturning videos
Hello, I am looking after woodturning DVDs. I have already a couple of ones from Richard Raffan. But I am looking after something "more technical" explaining the cuts more in detail, I am a beginner...
14 years ago 6
wood topped glass table
I was asked to put a wood table top on a large glass jar. This is a neat trick, or at least it was for me. If you are interested the steps are over at ______ God bless and safe turning Darrell...
14 years ago 10
??Easy way of fitting tailstock to Record CL4
Has anyone discovered an easy way to put the tailstock back on a Record CL4 lathe? I have such a machine that I am delighted with but I make hollow forms and with using such long tools, I have to...
14 years ago 2
Big honking lathe
As a FYI I have the X,Y and Z axis running on the 4 axis CNC mill I am building up and running. When things slow down will get the A axis ( rotation) running. Will be able to do 24" by 10' columns....
14 years ago
mufflers for vac pumps anyone?
about a year ago, I ran out of vac pump mufflers, and there were a couple of folks (I think from this NG) that wanted one and couldn't get one from me - I found a small pile of them again, so if you...
14 years ago 2
Magnolia Worth Turning?
Neighbor had a magnolia tree - the one with the huge white flowers and the big leaves - taken down and there are some 10"-12" diameter x 3' logettes out on the street. I can have whatever I want but...
14 years ago 8
finsih confusion
I'm very confused by finish. I use the shellawax friction polish system along with EEE. I'm hearing that I should using sanding sealer inbetween coats after the 600 grit stage to help things out. I...
14 years ago 10
Making texturing tool
If you want to make a texturing tool as described by Darrell Feltmate in his website, I have a number of star cutters made for replacement in stone dressing tools. I have two sizes, (1) approx 1 1/4"...
14 years ago
FS: dust extracting cycone on ebay for
check out dust cyclone for sale in the UK
14 years ago
Competion themes
Our woodturning club is putting together it's theme for each of next years monthly competitions. We are having trouble thinking of new of new ideas. Some of our past themes have been: Babies rattle...
14 years ago 16
Few questions from a beginner
Hello Few months ago I asked you for an advice on a lathe I was building. It's kind of finished (I'm not showing you pictures of it because it's still a bit messy), but now I have some questions on...
14 years ago 1
Silliest Way I Ever Spent 3 Hours
Watched a seminar by Cindy Drozda, and it prompted this sad attempt: Harvested Cherry, hollowed endgrain lidded box with wax finish. Tough to turn, sand, hold or finish, and the smallest thing ever...
14 years ago 14
I would like to make a 1 1/4" wide hole 10 1/2" deep. Trying to do this on the lathe is proving more difficult than I would have thought. I'm drilling into rounded stock. Trying to hold it on the...
14 years ago 9