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Hi Roger have you still got the coolant pump you were selling l am in Oldham , Ken
14 years ago
Help with turning calligraphy pens!
My most recent project is to turn some calligraphy pens from wood, corian, etc. The problem I am having is how to make the end where the various calligraphy points can be inserted. On retail pens,...
14 years ago 11
Lathe Spindle Taps
I tried to order a 1 1/4 x 8 tap from JR Beal a few months ago and was told the ones they had were flawed. I think a few on this ng had the same response. I checked again a couple of weeks ago and JR...
14 years ago 23
sharpening pages are done (mostly)
I still want to fix a couple of pictures but the sharpening pages are done or redone or whatever. Any comments are welcome. ______ God bless and safe turning Darrell Feltmate Truro, NS, Canada Have...
14 years ago 8
Turning 'Til There's No There There
Preface: I live in San Jose, California - the city described as a place with no There there. The definition of an optimist is - One who, when place in a room full of horse manure, will assume there's...
14 years ago 7
Buffing System
Hi All, I recently bought the Beall 3 part buffing system as a few of you have recommended here. Works great! I love the results. The only thing I don't like is having to change the wheels each time....
14 years ago 12
How do you interest your wife in woodturning?
I have been trying to get my wife interested in woodturning to no avail. I tried to interest her by asking her things like, do you think the grain on this leg would be a good match for this one? Or...
14 years ago 30
WTB UK Tormek knife jigs
Hi, if anyone is selling Tormek knife sharpening jigs I'd like to buy them.
14 years ago
woodfiller for cracks in lathe turned wood bowls
I'm looking for a woodfiller I could use for cracks in lathe turned bowls (or flat wood) that when used, looks green like weathered copper, or perhaps like turquoise. I saw bowls "patched" with it at...
14 years ago 4
Sharpening, finally.
I need to do a couple of pictures over, but the sharpening pages are now redone! Finally! I did a complete rewrite and I put up the videos folks wanted. As always, any comments or criticisms are...
14 years ago
Review: Craftsman 15" Pro
You may recall my question last week, as to any owners of this lathe and how they like it, and the resulting thoughts and links. Thought I would try and give something back to the group as a thank...
14 years ago 2
TIP: Dusty Switches - or - Never gonna do it without your fez on...
Having had two light switches die in the shop, suspiciously close to the lathe/bandsaw, I disassembled one to find out why and discovered wood dust. I sand profusely on the lathe, incidentally. So I...
14 years ago 12
Large quarter-round molding
I brought this up over on rec.woodworking, and they recommended I take it here. The gist of it is as follows... (this was copied from a post over at rec.ww) The typical way we make large turning...
14 years ago 5
OT: Boycott
Hi, I'm Travis Corcoran, founder and president of Technical Video Rental. I'd like to address a few issues, and reassure folks here that we're not ripping off Rudy's estate ... or anyone else. The...
14 years ago 6
New Year's greetings
Wishing a Happy New Year to rcw's Jewish members with thanks for all their many contributions to this ng. Turn to Safety, Arch Fortiter Arch: Don't forget to wish our Muslim members Happy Ramadan!
14 years ago 1