Woodturning videos

I am looking after woodturning DVDs. I have already a couple of ones
from Richard Raffan.
But I am looking after something "more technical" explaining the cuts
more in detail, I am a beginner (well I attended a couple of days
trining with woodturning teacher already, so I already know a bit).
I was thinking after Jimmy Clews "Turnaround". I considered also some
other ones (David ellsworth).
What do you think ? Can you give me some advices about the one I should
get to improve my technique and understanding ?
Thank you...
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I, like you, am a beginning woodturner. You're lucky you have some instruction in the art of woodturning...I'm by myself, with only books and videos to learn. Anyway, try this link, It was given to me by someone on a woodturning forum, and I found the videos EXTREMELY helpful.
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Good Luck!
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If you're interested in bowl turning, I can whole heartedly recommend Bill Grumbine's DVD's.. on basic and advanced bowl turning..
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A word of caution.... Don't try Bill's bowl gouge grind or expect to do the things that he does so easily right away... Use it for a guide to develop your own style or learn his tool angles and techniques very carefully.. *g*
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mac davis
If you want the technical side of it, Mike Darlow is THE MAN. More info than most people want to know. I never really mastered the skew chisel until I had studied and reviewed Darlow's videos a few times.
-mike paulson, fort collins, co
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Mike Paulson

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