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Restoring bowl dovetails
Some bowls dry with a usable dovetail pretty much intact, some wind up with an oval hole. I often chuck them in the cole jaws and re-do the dovetail before finish turning. Recently I made a jig to...
14 years ago 29
Wood lathe accessories company
I purchased an attachment for my lathe from this company about 4 years ago. It was called "wood lathe accessories" Greenville Tx Its a swing arm bolt on attachment that holds 2 moffett lamps for great...
14 years ago 3
knife quest company
i ordered a present for my parents awhile back from this company () and im posting this to let people know that they are a very irresponsible company. they didnt answer any of my emails and after...
14 years ago 1
how to align a craftsman mono tube lathe
The tailstock and headstock of my old Craftsman single 2" monotube lathe no longer meet. The error seems to be 3/16" or more. How can I get them to match again? bernie feinerman I assume that you...
14 years ago 16
Glorified firewood
Just posted some photos of a natural edge spalted alder bowl over in for those interested... ...Kevin
14 years ago
Question about wood & fungus/mold
As a newbie I went about collecting logs for turning and waxing the ends until I could cut them into blanks. Unfortunately, many developed fungus or mold on the outside and I ended up getting a pretty...
14 years ago 4
Mulberry wood
Folks here at work just cut down a mulberry tree. I was there as soon as I heard the chippers and chain saws start their shrieking. I managed to get a chunk 6 foot in length and about 18" in diamter...
14 years ago 5
Very Newbie Question
Apologies if this is really stupid: I just received my new Jet mini lathe and Pinacle tools from Woodcraft. I have turned only once, many years ago. I honed the tools with some rouge and then used the...
14 years ago 18
one more question
What would be a tight grain wood. I would be turning wood knitting needles for my wife and her friends. Something that would not catch on the yarn. Thanks, Dennis spikedriver writes: Definitely not...
14 years ago 9
small lathe
I would like to purchase a small wood lathe. I will not be doing anything over 24 inches. Any recommendations, please? Spike My first choice would be a Jet mini lathe. 2nd Delta mini. Craig Same here,...
14 years ago 6
Manzanita for sale
I have many Manzanita trees on my property (N.California), and can sell you any quantities you need. let me know what you require. Thanks sb Where in NorCal, and what size trees? (We're in...
14 years ago 3
Did Anyone Attend the Utah Woodturning Symposium
Looks like the newsgroup is dead. Maybe people went to the Utah Woodturning Symposium last weekend or are headed for the AAW Symposium next weekend. We had a great time in Provo. The Craft Supplies...
14 years ago 2
Turning & carving
I would like to carve designs on some of my bowls. I usually use hard wood so I would like a power carver. I have done very little in the area of carving so any suggestions would be appreciated. Any...
14 years ago 1
Unwanted Black Walnut trees
I have quite a few good size Black Walnut tree on the property I moved to recently. I'm an avid gardener, and these trees & their plant killing toxins ( and messy nuts & branches) just don't fit into...
14 years ago 2
ideas for making a casing for a japanese ryoba saw
id like to carry around me trusty saw because although it doesn have a wide enough set in the teeth to cut to big logs its very sharp and cuts fast and is very good to pick up small pieces of branch...
14 years ago 4