knitting patterns for the age group 1-12mts

I request for some knitting patters for intermediate level knitters. I
have tried some sites like but found it erroneous. I would
be grateful if you could put up links.
Thanks a lot in advance.
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I just went to google and put "free babies knitting patterns" and a LOT of links came up... here is the link to what google found, but if it breaks up and you can't use it... just go to google and type it in.
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'm sure you'll find a lot of really nice patterns this way. Gemini
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Not Likely
Hello Veena
I wasn't sure what sort of baby pattens you wanted (jackets, blankets, hats) etc. Here are the links for 3 free pattern sites - some of them may require you to join as a member. I have used Lion Brand free patterns a lot and find their site easy to use.
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agree with Gemini's reply and think you would be better to use Google tosearch as she suggests. That way you can decide which sites are best foryou.
I hope you find what you want but please do come back again if you need to.
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I hope you emailed Bernat and told them they had errors in their patterns and what the errors were.
In addition to Googling, if you go to and look for the "free knitting patterns" link on the left, there are Lots of links to free patterns.
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