new knitter

Or, i should say, attempting?? to knit!
Can anyone suggest an online video that explains some basics of
knitting....i managed to cast on and am knitting a scarf (ONLY
knitting...don't know how to purl!). I'd like to figure out how to
bind off....and in general, progress in this.
And...being a needleworker (counted thread) and quilter...i'm assuming
that one can get really carried away with the fibers....
thanks so much
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there are videos that show several ways of casting on, how to knit, purl, increase sts, decrease sts, bind off/cast off and everything in between.
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Welcome Betsey, I'm sure you'll thoroughly enjoy knitting. It is great fun and very satisfying especially when you can see or wear something you have made.
The site at:
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has videos showingvarious ways to cast on as well as how to purl, also how to bind off. If you get stuck just yell! There is usually someone who can help. :-) Bernadette
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=2E...i managed to cast on and am knitting a scarf (ONLY
Instead of purling, just knit the stitches off backward. A tad difficult at first, but it actually works. I used to have a site with pictures that showed how, but somehow have managed to lose it. Frances
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