Palette coding

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I have a Singer Futura CE 350 Sewing/Embroidery machine.

The palette directory contains files for thread chart data of six different
thread manufacturers, but not for the one my local sewing centre recommends
and sells.

The palette files are .lst files that can be opened using Notebook, and
consist of :
    (a)    4 digits corresponding to the thread colour number
    (b)    a slash and another 1 or 2 digits (ie 1-18)
    (c)    a separation space (possibly a tab)
    (d)    3 characters that must represent the colour
    (e)    a separation space (probably a blank character)
eg:  5508/10   +5* 9092/10   (Q> ...    The +5* and (Q> are Courier and are
different with different fonts in Notebook

There are lots of conversion charts on the web, so it should be reasonably
easy (just time consuming) to copy one of the .lst files to a new file for a
different thread manufacturer, and modify the data.

However, does anyone know what the two digits of (b) represent, and how the
computer decodes the three extended ascii characters of (d) into RGB or
whatever to display a colour on the screen? Or does someone know where to
look for this info on the web, or of a site with .lst files for thread
palettes of other thread manufacturers?

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