Pfaff Memory Card to Jamone

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Good day,

My wife went from a Pfaff sewing machine that uses Pfaff Memory Cards which
hold the emboriery patterns used on the sewing machine. She was told there
is a way to transfer the patterns from the memory cards to the Janome sewing

The Janome has the ability to upload the patterns from a Compact Flash Card
or Directly from the PC Computer. So if anyone can please help me by telling
me how to transfer them I would be thankful.

Right now it "appears" I have downloaded them from the Pfaff Memory Card to
the PC Computer as a RAM file. At least that is the extension option
available when I downloaded them.

Thanks ahead of time,


Re: Pfaff Memory Card to Jamone

G'day Wes

If you have them on your PC the next step is to convert to the Janome
format.  You don't say which model machine your DW owns but .jef format
is required for 9500/9700/10000/10001/300E/350E and the more recent
11000 is .jef+

Do you have Embird to convert the format?  If not, you can download a
30day (or 100 use) free trial from

Once converted, just copy 'n paste to the CF card which should be in
your card reader (printer/fax/scanner/etc) or a PCMCIA adaptor.  This
adaptor with CF card can be inserted directly into the machine, unless
you plan to link directly to the PC.  This depends which model machine
you have.

Small capacity CF's are a bit hard to find, although older cameras used
to come with an 8Mb or 16Mb and most of these cards are no longer used
in cameras as they don't hold enough photos....embroidery files are
smaller!!  The machine will only read 100 designs regardless of card
size, so in this case, size does matter!!  I don't even load 100 designs
on my cards because it takes longer for the machine to read them.  Just
load whatever you need for the current project.

Just recently I bought a multi card PCMCIA adaptor and now use whatever
small capacity card I pick up, SD/MMC/SM/MemoryStick/MemoryStickPro/etc.
  Not sure where you are located but your computer store should have
them, otherwise eBay has everything you'll need.

Hope this helps?
Bronwyn ;-)

Wes wrote:

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Re: Pfaff Memory Card to Jamone
Good day,

First thank you for the posting....

Please confirm that the data I downloaded from the Pfaff card which is
currently in RAM format is the correct format to start from.

The program I used to download the data from the Pfaff Memory card is
"PC-Designer" version 2.1. The only way I saw to tranfer the data was as ONE
file from the sewing maching to the computer.

I hope this makes sense to you.

If there a different and BETTER way to get the files off the Pfaff Memory


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Re: Pfaff Memory Card to Jamone
G'day Ron

Sorry but I'm not at all familiar with Pfaff cards so just googled and
see where various Pfaff machines use .pcs/.pcd/.pcq formats.

These sites may help?

Browse the Pfaff site because there are free designs that you can

In regards to .ram files they were similar to .mp3 so not related to
embroidery files.

Bronwyn ;-)

Wes wrote:
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Re: Pfaff Memory Card to Jamone
HC/Bronwyn wrote:

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Wes didn't say that they were files with a .ram extension. He said
that they were RAM format - I'm guessing that what he has is the
equivalent of a sewing machine memory dump.

Re: Pfaff Memory Card to Jamone
Wes wrote:

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Let's start over.

Which Pfaff sewing machine are you talking about?
(And which Janome, while we're at it?)

How did the designs get on the Pfaff memory card?

The usual ways are:
   1) A card purchased with designs on them
   2) Designs placed on the card from the computer, using specialty
embroidery software.
   2) Designs built-in to the sewing machine, uploaded to cards.

On the Pfaff, did you use embroidery designes acquired separately or
did you use only what were built-in to the sewing machine?

EXACTLY how did you get the contents of a Pfaff memory card into your

What physical device did you connect to your computer to read it? And
what software did you run on the computer to read the card's contents?

I don't know what you mean by "RAM format".  Do you mean that it's in
the format of the sewing machine's random access memory? If so, it's
probably unusable. For some sewing machines, it's possible to save
individual designs from the sewing machine in an editable embroidery
format such as .pcs, .pcd, .vip, etc.

  - Herb

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