spray adhesive vs "sticky" stabilizer

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I am new to machine embroidery (got my Designer SE in January) and I have
been using Sulky "sticky" stabilizer for knits and little things that are
difficult to hoop.  T-shirts are the only thing I have been having trouble
with getting stuck in the needle plate because the stabilizer tears.  Does
anyone out there have words of wisdom on the spray adhesive?  I just bought
a can but haven't tried it yet.

Thank you
Kirsten Sollie

Re: spray adhesive vs "sticky" stabilizer
On Sun, 25 Mar 2007 20:50:33 -0500, "Kirsten Sollie" wrote:

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I do a lot of spray basting and use 505.  I haven't had any problems with needle
gumming up, but
sometimes a bit of lint will build up at the top of the needle.   I simply wipe
it off.

Don't use too much, you only need a very light spray. Remember that you only
want to keep something
in place and not glue it down.   A little will come off in the wash, if you use
too much, it is
difficult to remove and tends to attract little balls of lint.

If you are having trouble with your stabilizer tearing, try using 2 layers of
cut away stabilizer.
You only need to hoop one layer and then cut the second layer and place it over
the area to be sewn
(less waste that way).   Use your basting spray to keep it in place, and then
spray baste the top
before you place your t-shirt on top.

To keep the over-spray from going all over the place, I took a very large empty
box of cereal and
cut off one side of it.  I then place my hoop (or whatever I'm spraying) inside
the box and spray
there.  Works great.

Re: spray adhesive vs "sticky" stabilizer

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What a great hint.  Sometimes the simplest solution is right before us.
Thanks for sharing!

Re: spray adhesive vs "sticky" stabilizer
Coleah wrote:
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Lou Childs suggested  milk containers - those plastic jugs which come in
several sizes.  Cut off the bottom, cut a smallish opening in the side
at the top, makes for a nice shield for spraying.  I have several sizes
nested by my work table.
stitches @ singerlady.reno.nv.us.earth.milky-way.com
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Re: spray adhesive vs "sticky" stabilizer

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Yes, that is another super idea.  Lou is a great person
to learn handy things from.

I have a Singer Poem EU machine and haven't used it for a while (too many
other projects).  Just recently I tackled making Wedding Hankies for the
bride and grooms mothers, with a sentimental verse, the date of the wedding
and some flowers.  My machine doesn't cooperative well with very small
lettering, so I was a bit frustrated.  It was a great idea, but I don't
think I'll do any more hankies.

Actually I had a better time years ago scanning someone's wedding
announcement, digitizing it, sewing it out and framing it.  The couple
really enjoyed it.


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