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Months ago our group decided to take a piece of art, blow it up really
big, cut it into sections and each of us take two sections and make
them however we wanted to. Then we would put the sections all back
together, quilt the thing, and put it in the Guild show this fall.

I was skeptical, but decided to have fun with it. I  did and r edid my
section about three times until I finally got it the way I wanted.

Tonight we finally got a look at all the sections pieced together and
quilted. It was gorgeous. And so amazing how the different styles,
fabrics, techniques all came together and just look stunning. It's
exciting to see.

I'm very proud to have been a part of this project and would highly
recommend the same to any group wanting to make a truly striking group
project. The artist who painted the original work is coming to our
next meeting. I can't wait to meet her in person.

Our next project is "flowers". I'm stunned at how much two of our
members have already done. I haven't even been able to think of what I
want to do, much less starting to put ittogether.  Poppies is taken.
Rose is taken. Sun Flowers is taken. LOL. I  guess I'll just have to
make up some f lowers.

who's had too much caffeine and cookies to settle down tonight.

Re: Art Round Robin Project
that sounds amazing, do we get to see pix of this quilt?
good news on the fridge/compensation for food too.
if the dog needs a vet, dont forget to send the bill to the store too. :)
i'm glad they fixed you up as quick as could be.
i had a feeling they might with the food poisoning issue a worry.
so now you can show off your expertise on quilting to the manager as well.
have fun and we want pix of that 4 in 1 quilt, eh.
cheers and pass those cookies, i got a fresh hot cuppa just now from ds,
bless his heart,
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Re: Art Round Robin Project
I've always wanted to do this!  Can't wait to see a pic!

I'm sure it's gorgeous!

Kate in MI

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Re: Art Round Robin Project
Irises and Day lilies look terrific done in fabric - they have such
interesting shapes.
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Best Regards
pat on the hill

Re: Art Round Robin Project
Sunny wrote:
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    )))) -- perfect opportunity to do hydrangeas!  Just think of all
those little circles of fabric sewn to a ground fabric with a little
bead in the center -- spectacular 3-D effect!  There's lots of fabric
out there that has hydrangeas as the focus, too :-)!  HMMM -- I might
just have to do something like this for myselves -- LOL!  CiaoMeow
 >^;;^<  CiaoMeow >^;;^<

PAX, Tia Mary >^;;^<   (RCTQ Queen of Kitties)
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Re: Art Round Robin Project
Have you seen the folded flowers? (Rebecca Wat, Fantastic Fabric Folding et
Roberta in D

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Re: Art Round Robin Project

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How about wisteria or pansies?

I love those pieces where each member takes a part of the whole and
then it gets put back together!  I have seen several and they were
great.  My group is not willing to do something like that.  The two
who get things done are very traditional nothing leaning towards art
quilt, and the other two don't even stitch much - for them our group
is mostly a social group.  Oh well, we have lots of fun and swap
wonderful gifts at birthdays and Christmas.

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