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I would like to start using my rubber stamps more.  I need to get something  
to color them in one I stamp them.  What does everyone use.  Do you use a  
marker or do you use colored pencils.  Are there special ones that you have  
to buy?


Re: Rubber Stamps
For my stamped images I either use regular colored pencils, Stampin Up
markers, regular markers, chalk, or watercolor pencils.  I guess it
all goes by what look you are trying to achieve.


Re: Rubber Stamps
I use the markers and water-color crayons from Stampin Up. I know they were  
expensive to start, but they last a long time. And I can replace individual  
colors if needed (though I have not yet had to replace one yet - in two  
years) of the markers.

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Re: Rubber Stamps
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I use everything to color them in.  In the card that I made my BIL
this past November it took several tries to get the look I wanted
(wound up with pencils and chalk).  Patience is key.

When I was in therapy (which I have since graduated from) my therapist
made me stamp three different images. color them in with different
mediums (no do overs) and then discuss them. Once done I had to (eeek)
rip them up.  It was so liberating that If I screwed them up it wasn't
the end of the world. I had the permission to redo my art work.

My biggest accomplishment was chalking as I want to work clean and
blending with my fingers was/is so much fun.

Get messy girl and show us your art.


Re: Rubber Stamps
I color mine with just about everything, though my favorites are  
watercolor-both regular and Twinkling H20-and Sakura Glaze and Souffle pens.  
And glitter. And acrylic. And chalk. And marker, both on the stamp and on  
the image. About the only things I haven't tried are crayon and oil paint,  
although there are possibilities...
One thing, though- when using watercolor or acrylic, be careful about your  
inks. Some dye inks will bleed into your paint. Make sure they are  
waterproof when dry before using them on your project.
Have fun!

Mel K

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Re: Rubber Stamps
That's the joy of stamping, you can use any medium you want to color in your  
stamped image.  You can use markers, colored pencils, watercolor pencils,  
watercolor crayons, bleach, etc.  You're only limited by your imagination  
when it comes to coloring in stamped images.

Deb in AR - Desert Rat at heart!
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Re: Rubber Stamps
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Hi Shannon,

If you are referring to what mediums to "stamp with" - there are
plenty.  You can use pretty much any ink / paint you wish.  Dye based
ink is basic, pigment is really wet - and designed to pick up
embossing powders and the like.  But you can also get specialty inks
(like shadow inks) that result in amazing effects.

You can also use paints, bleach and even markers.  And, if you want a
multicolored stamp, you might use a rainbow inkpad - or marvy
embossing pens and color in the unique parts that you want in the
unique colors you want and then emboss them.

THEN...just like everyone else has said...what you choose to color the
image in with is entirely up to you.

I personally LOVE chalks and watercolors - they look so beautiful when

P.S. One of my favorite techniques for stamping is double stamping the
same image - and then cutting out certain shapes of one and raising it
above the original with 3D pop dots (ie: certain petals or leaves on a
flower are raised or the stars on a christmas tree - etc).  I also
love masking.

Happy Stamping...


Re: Rubber Stamps
Thanks ladies for your info.

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Re: Rubber Stamps
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Hi Shannon..I don't stamp a whole lot,and like you, would like to do
more! I usually stamp my image with pigment ink or versamark, heat
emboss it with powder color of choice,  and then use my watercolor
pencils to shade the color in the stamped  image. Then, if I feel like
it, I can use my water brushes to make the colored penciled drawing
have a more painted look. OH yeah, just like everyone said, the
possibilities are endless...and its so much fun playing with our art
Have fun and I cant wait to see your work!

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