What has happened to this Group???

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i cant believe this is the same group i use to see so many involved and
full of life..we use to do so many swaps and have lots of fun..What has
i check in and each day its hardly any posts or the same posts that no
one answers too..i try and do my part to bring new things to this group
but its hard when the posts just get pushed down barely or sit on top
cause of no participation..
      i just miss the fun we all use to get from this group..
           hope everyone is doing ok..
                just miss you all
                  chatty cathy

Re: What has happened to this Group???
I know, I feel the same way. I know almost everyone has gone over to  
facebook, but there, it is just not the same. Too many other things to get  
through and around.
I check every day, also. Some members were having trouble as so many  
Internet providers were dropping the news service, but once I got  
eternal-september hooked up right, my news group shows up in my windows  
mail. Not it is so easy to check on.
My husband is still in the hospital. This was his fourth trip since  
Christmas Eve. Been in this time since Jan 11th. He's an hour away from home  
and with working 12 hours a day and running to the hospital twice a week and  
spending all weekend there I'm finding myself with no time to even breath  
right now. Especially with two children still at home who need me too.
Right now I am just "dream scrapping" as I go through my old magazines  
before passing them on, taking what I want from them.
My youngest DS loans me his netbook to take to the hospital with me on the  
weekends so I can try to keep up with family and friends somewhat.
I do wish I had one of the gypsies to play with as I could do more that  
"dream scrap" on the weekends. There is not any room where he is right now  
to work on anything. Plus, when he is awake I spend my time trying to work  
with him. He needs so much motivation/pushing/bullying just to keep moving I  
come home mentally exhausted.


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Re: What has happened to this Group??? Sandy
oh g/f i do understand what your going through..i went through the same
thing with my hubby in oct thru january..our hosopital was 2 hours away
and i dont drive so i got dropped off and mostly stayed up there day and
night and came home every few days..its hard so i feel for you totally..
  i pray for you both and thanks for coming in and telling your
story...i hope he gets well soon..hang in there the stress is alot for
you i know i thought i would never feel better again....but thank god my
hubby is now home mending..it takes alot out of us so you hang in there
and always know that we care..
             hugs....chatty cathy

Re: What has happened to this Group???
Sandy...sorry to hear you are having a tough time right now with hubby being
sick.  Hope things  
improve for you both soon :)
Take care,

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Re: What has happened to this Group???
So sorry to read about all of this Sandy, I will keep you and your family in  
my prayers.

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Re: What has happened to this Group???
On Feb 4, 11:50 pm, snipped-for-privacy@webtv.net (chatty cathy) wrote:
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It appears a lot of the sites are experiencing downturns!  One of my
scrapping sites is closing down because no one will step forward and
take over.  Other sites that I am a member of are also saying the same
thing.  Is the scrap booking rage finished?  Different economy,
different things happening in our lives, younger families having to
spend more time with young ones?  So many things it could be.
Facebook taking over is the one I seem to hear about the most and see
people gravitating from their sites to Facebook!!

Re: What has happened to this Group??? [bigsam]
oh what you are saying is so so true..it seems like FACEBOOK and TWITTER
have taken over and all these little groups are being ignored..
    i dont understand how either work so i stay away from them cause i
cant follow with all that jumbo..hahaha
      i just wish more webbys and others will come by and start back up
like before but i know life has its problems..
         like bob dylan said: TIMES ARE A CHANGING... hahaha
            hugs...chatty cathy

Re: What has happened to this Group???
Cathy...I think this group is being dropped from most newsservers as there is so
participation and people find it hard to access through Google, etc. Many have
just moved over to  
Facebook or use their own blogs to let folks know what they are up to. For me FB
 & blogs don't fit  
the bill even though I have caught up with many that were on here on FB. Peeps
seem to spend their  
time participating more in the applications that FB provides and post little or
nothing to do with  
scrapping...so "conversation" is limited. To me it is just like texting by
phone....short, pithy  
answers. Not what I am interested in I'm afraid!

As for blogs...I don't find them all that useful for keeping in touch with
people as they are  
basically one-sided communication. You may get to see what they are doing, etc.
but apart from  
making a comment on something posted there is very little opportunity for shared
communication. All  
very sad!!!
I also miss the fun and talent of this group, Marilyn

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Re: What has happened to this Group???
I too agree with you. I am very sorry to hear of your troubles!! My Heart  
and Prayers go out to you.
I miss all the fun and swaps we used to have. Maybe we can muster up some  
ideas and get it going again???
Dorothy in NY

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Re: What has happened to this Group???
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We're setting up an r-c-s site on facebook, MC the 2nd did it.  It is
just hard to find current threads through google and I'm tired of
sifting through spam.  I'm scrapping and card making but with school
it is hard to upload and juggle everything.

Facebook is easy to use and understand with patience.  I am enjoying

Hugs, Kate

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