who braved any BLACK FRIDAY sales?

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did anyone do the Black friday thing? what happened and what did you venture  
to get?


Re: who braved any BLACK FRIDAY sales?
I went looking for a netbook for my DS - no success on getting any of the  
bargain ones advertized. But, I did find one at Office Depot that is on sale  
thru the end of the year at a great price (can't pick one up till next week  
as they were out.)
They didn't have the Storybook cart at Michaels when my DIL got there last  
I was lucky enough to get the big Lego set my DS wanted for Christmas at  
Toys R Us, and the Kodak camera from Office Depot my DD had on her list.
Wal-Mart was crazy when we were there. We stood in line for 45 min just to  
pay. Best Buy was crowded, Toys R US was a breeze as they opened at Midnight  
and we arrived at 5 am, missed the crowd and they had just restocked the  
shelves. We stood in line outside Olive Garden for 30 minutes waiting for  
the doors to open as they no longer open at 10:30 am as in the past on Black  
Friday. The food was worth it.
My DS#1 got a great deal on a 50" tv he wanted and DD#3 found her shoes at  
Shoe Carnival - Lord, how I hate the guy with the microphone.
MY DIL collapsed in the parking lot of Shoe Carnival in so much pain my DS  
took her to the emergency room - they found out she has gallstones. DS#3 and  
I waited in the parking lot of Target for a call from them to see if we  
needed to go to the babysitter to pick up the grandsons. Both of us fell  
asleep - I was up late waiting for midnight for the online specials and then  
got up at 4 am to head for the city to shop.
All in all it was a good day for both finding bargains and window shopping,  
and just watching the crowds.

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