Shopping Black Friday or CardMaking

I was curious how many people will adventure out on Black Friday to do
some shopping or will you be staying home to work on your projects
(handmade gifts and cardmaking). So far I believe I will be staying
home and working on some projects. I may (okay I will) go to Michaels,
I need to get some paint I'm going to attempt to make a santa ornament
from an old bulb. I'll let you know how that goes.
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Nope, don't do crowds well, besides have to spend some time recuperating from all the food I am sure will have consumed with April!!
If I am home or WAS at home it is the weekend that I spend getting ou my Christmas ornaments and decorating. It usually takes me two to three full days to do that.
OKC Dave
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OKC Dave
i don't think i will be venturing out. i have to be in Joseph, oregon by 9am that morning. so, i have to leave home by about 7. that is the first day of the bazaar we're doing. i can't wait. Anji
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I've gone out a couple times, but all the great deals are gone when I get there. I've been up at 4 am standing in line and there was a huge line when I got there. So, I'll just go out at decent hours and when the crowds are smaller and nicer.
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King's Crown
Its a tradition on our family to be out in the madness. We LOVE it! My mom and sisters almost always get the deals, and we split up between the stores, making sure each of us is at a store and is able to get the good deals before the are gone. But I'll be on vacation that day, so won't be shopping at all. Bummer!
Last year, I shopped early, and went in to work and worked a full day. It was awesome! (not having to take PTO, I mean) Kathy
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We will be having Thanksgiving dinner on Friday. DH works Thanksgiving day. We'll be having both sets of parents and his sister and hubby over. The boys and I will be going to his aunts house on thanksgiving day for dinner. (yummmy two dinners!)
I usually stay home if I'm not working on Black Friday as I don't like the hug crowds.
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Gotta go...gotta go...gotta go... It's been a tradition for years. I watch the ads in advance, have my oldest DS who lives in Evansville pick up the paper the day before for me - the ads we get 45 miles north are different and don't include several of the stores - I drop of younger DS at his house at 5:30 am, pick up the paper and head for the stores with DD. DD gets in line at the checkout as soon as we get in a store, I go for the things I need without a cart, and bring them to her (we just stack them at our feet as we move slowly toward the checkout) and she goes for the things she wants while I hold the checkout spot. Works great for us every year! We have a blast! And shop till we drop! Gotta go.... Sandy
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I won't be shopping. We were given tickets to take a tour of the Warner Brothers studio and that's what we will be doing. Hopefully we will get to see the set of our favorite show The Gilmore Girls.
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Usually I map out my plan of attack as soon as the ads go up at gottadeal and draft 2 of my kids to help. This year however my son has saved almost enough for a plasma tv and they have the one he wants on sale at Circuit City. I agreed to pay the balance as one of his Christmas gifts and go camp out in the parking lot with him so he can try to get one of the needed tickets.
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Scout Lady
I don't go out the Friday after Thanksgiving unless I just absolutely have to go to the ER. (Not that I've had to do that that Friday, but you never know with me.) LOL My MIL loves sales, so sometimes she'll go. DH doesn't mind going out for the sales, but usually he stays home, too. That's the day we decorate for Christmas, so that's what I'll be doing. I'm hoping that I'll have some time after we decorate to work on cards and other projects.
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Deb in AR
I will most likely either be working or staying home. I have never braved the Black Friday crowds! I dont wanna fight for a sale item..LOL I can imagine it would be fun with the right people shopping with you, tho. My sisters did it last year and had a ball. Linda
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Linda C

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