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Re: book or article(s) about making patterns for trousers

| >  I've looked at some library
| > books but they have confused me.... each seems to have a slightly
| > different slant on the 'correct' method.
| All methods are correct -- the problem is finding one that's correct
| for you.
| And if you thoroughly understand one method, you'll find that most of
| the others are that same method seen from a different angle.
| If you get Don McCunn's "How to Make Sewing Patterns" you can join a
| mailing list and get advice from other people who are using the book,
| and from the author himself:

Joy ~  I've applied to join the Yahoo group and am awaiting membership
approval.  Once approved I can browse the archives etc.

Many thanks for your thoughtful response.... much appreciated.

Anne H.  in England

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