FTL Trousers trick!

Monday: Day off... Error!
Clear cutting slab of old sewing machines, laminator, grot, other junk...
Cut 2 paairs of trousers - pull-ups, so no flies! Patch pockets only...
cut 2 pairs of shorts, with flies and pockets
Clear sewing room of dead/morribunf projects, extraneous bedding, extra
sewing machines left out, stash of threads left in the way, etc...
find all the bits of red zippy-off trousers cut last autumn and
abandoned as summer weight trousers...
Make up 80% of two pairs of trousers.
Finish off trousers up to hems and waist eleastic.
Retrieve post: 2 new patterns!
Try trousers on boy... Fix waist elastic length.
Do all the pockets and flies on red zippy-offs...
Abandon trousers and zippy-offs: he wants cut-offs with Big Complicated
Pockets for friend's burthday on Saturday...
Remove cat from cutting mat...
Fold up towels and move.
Remove sister cat from cutting mat.
Spread out cat/pattern on slab... Remove cat!
Cut out trousers.
Make up lots of Complicated Pockets with welts and flaps!
Remove cat from ironing board...
Sit down with cup of coffee and contemplate making up trousers flies...
Remember to breath OUT as well... ;)
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