Hey Y'all!!! I'm Back!!!!!

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Hope everyone is having a good summer.  I'm now busy taking root in NW
Arkansas.  :)  Happy to report that water fell from the sky here for nearly
an hour today; this is a very good thing because we needed it badly.

The move went well.  Thus far, the kitchen is unpacked and put away.  The
dining room, ditto.  The living room is unpacked and put away, although
please pardon me for not having alphabetized the CD's yet.  <g>  All the
bedrooms and bathrooms are done also.  I even hung curtains in my bedroom
tonight.  :)  We have blinds on all the windows, but curtains are so much
nicer to look at.  Especially since these are the ones I made for my bedroom
in Corydon, and they work here too.  :)  This is the versatility of tab top
curtains!!!  whoo hoo!!!

The office is at about 75%.  I hooked up the bare necessities for this
computer.  No speakers, printer, scanner yet.  lol  But by golly I had the
cable guy here to get me hooked up!!!  Ha!!  Kids' computer is unpacked and
humming behind me.  :)

Now the sad news......I can't even get into my sewing room yet.  *sigh*  Ah
well, the rest of the house is about done.  I will have DH hang pictures for
me next week.  And then I will be totally done for now.  (I'm one of those
oddballs....I know I want to paint everything, but I have to live in a house
for a few months before I know what colors, fabrics, etc.  Yeah would have
been easier when there was no furniture in here, but <shrug> this is why I
have a burly mate.  lol)

Oh did I mention that I did all this unpacking, and putting away since
Tuesday??  Yeah.  I am pretty stoked with myself.  Here I sit on Saturday
night typing to tell y'all that I have the house prolly close to 90%
unpacked and put away (and yes, dears, I DO know where I put things  LOL)
and got that much done, with only the kids to help, since Tuesday night.  If
I don't post for a while, assume that I fell over in a heap and will sleep
for a month!  LOL!!!

Missed all of you terribly.


----Glad to hear what's going on with Cea.  Thanks for posting the update on
her, Michele.  Give her squeezes for me and tell her as soon as the
whirlwind dies down over here, I will give her a call and catch up.  :)

"Never try to teach a pig to sing.  It's a waste of time and just annoys the
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Re: Hey Y'all!!! I'm Back!!!!!
Welcome back!! I for one have missed your posts.........Amelia in Australia
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Re: Hey Y'all!!! I'm Back!!!!!
mamahays wrote:
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Sharon!!!  Welcome back to alt.sewing, I'm happy to hear your move has
gone smoothly, and you're (almost) all settled in.

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Re: Hey Y'all!!! I'm Back!!!!!
Missed you,too!

Re: Hey Y'all!!! I'm Back!!!!!
Glad you getting settled and back with us.
I wish you great happiness in your new home. I also wish you good fabric
stores with in reasonable distance from your home and great lighting in your
new sewing room.
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