I'm Back!

Hi all! I took some time off the newsgroups and email to adjust to a new
medication I'm on and some personal issues. I'm back, but may be going on
vacation soon. I haven't gotten any page done since the printed page
challenge. As you can read in my other messages I have been catching up on
email and news groups.
Now the great news, the twins went home yesterday, they are still on oxygen
and monitors, but the are over 5 pounds and taking bottle now. They both
have reflux and will need to sleep slightly elevated, but they are home with
their parents and sister. My mom went down to help for a few days.
Welcome to all the new people and belated Happy Birthday and Anniversary to
any one I missed while away. You all have been busy while I was away.
Teresa in MD
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It's really great to have you back Teresa. When you get a chance can you look at your profile on the website and let me know if anything needs updating?
Thanks, M-C
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Glad you could take some time to join us. I was wondering where you were. Happy to see you! Jacqui
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Its nice to see you back Teresa, I hope you are feeling back to normal soon, and that you will be scrapbooking again anytime... Angela New Zealand.
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Welcome back! So glad you are back!! Sounds like things are improving in your life. Enjoy your vacation, where ya going?
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Glad to see your posts again. Thanks for the update on the twins. I'm sure everyone's glad to be back home.
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