I Hope I'm Back for a While (long)

Hi Everyone. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. I have been
lurking though.
As for what's been up with me, I needed to take a little time away to deal
with personal and medical issues. I found out that I have arthritis in two
spots on my spine and went through physical therapy to lessen the pain some.
After that DH had some medical issues come up. Just as things settle down
we found out that my great-aunt has an aneurism. Shortly after that in
November we found out my great-uncle ( her husband) had cancer, he passed
away two weeks later. Then there was the holidays to get through. I feel
more on an even keel now and hope to stay current now. I'm those needing
career changer for themselves or the DH got those changes. Congrats.
Congrats to those who have been published.
Thank you to all who remembered my birthday, even when I wasn't posting.
Welcome to all our newbies. The people here are really great and care about
the members. I've followed with hope and thoughts Jessie's recovery. My
thoughts are with her family. I've also sent my thoughts to those of you
who have asked and needed them. Welcome back to all our members who like me
took time away. I was glad to hear Cecelia's son was found safe. My
thoughts are still with those affected by the hurricanes & fires. My
sympathy to those who like me lost a love one.
Belated Happy anniversary and Happy Birthday to all those I missed while
gone! Also Happy Belated holidays!
Congrats to Dorothy on her new daughter! You're little girl is adorable.
Lacey's Kai is also adorable. As is Kate's Sarah. Also congrats to April
on her new daughter, she's precious! Welcome also to the new fur babies!
All the family and Christmas photos were fun to look at and wonderful.
Glad to see the new techniques being tried. I'm also happy to see all that
traveled made it home safely.
I wanted to add a special thank you to Melissa, who was my NSSSSF in the
last swap (before November).
I keep those military overseas in my thoughts and am glad to see the ones
returning safely.
Carolyne your daughter is very special to donate her hair. Also your
memorial album is beautiful.
Sabrina I continue to keep you in my thoughts. Shannon, I hope you feel
better soon.
Everyone's layouts, cards, and other items are wonderful.
Teresa In MD

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It's great to have you back, Teresa! Your list made me smile. She must have taken notes, I was thinking and smilling. How sweet to acknowledge everyone so well. As of today I have 810 messages that are unread...no matter what I do, I don't see to be able to read them all, which in a way is a great thing..it means RCS is healthy and well and full of happy, voluble people. Glad you are now back to make it even harder for me to keep up with the posts, LOL!
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Thanks M-C. I kept the messages I was going to answer as I lurked. I ended up going back and reading over 1100 messages to find out what I had saved. I missed the group, but didn't want to keep zipping in and out, so figured I'd wait till I could get fully back in. Glad to have added a smile to your day. :-)
Teresa in MD
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Welcome back Teresa, Sorry to hear that you have been through so much lately. I'm sending lots of prayers and well-wishes your way!! It's inspirational too, that even through everything, you were able to keep a track of everyone in here! We all need to take some time for ourselves, I'm learning that, slowly. Glad that you are picking up though, and posting again! luv Cec...xxx
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Welcome back Teresa...you have been missed. Sorry to hear that you have been having a hard time but hope that things are now on the way back up for you.
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Welcome back Teresa. My sympathies on the loss of your loved one. I hope things start getting back to normal your side.
Take Care
Judy, SA
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Judy SA
It's good to see you back w/ us Teresa. I'm glad to hear that everything has settled down and now you're comfortable enough to return to some of your old routines.
Katrina in KS
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Tazz! It is so good to hear from you. Thought of you often and wondered if you came to Louisville during the holidays. I am so sorry for your loss and I hope every thing will ge back to "normal" soon. Hoping to see some of your work,too. Scraping is theraputic if you can get to it. I am way behind myself. Hope your back gets some better and will keep you n my thoughts and payers.
Hugs, Sabrina
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I responded to the first thread I saw you in T. Anyhow I am tickled to see you back and hope to hear from you soon!!
OKC Dave
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OKC Dave
Thank you Cec. Things are turning around, I'm trying not to let the little things get to me so I can deal with the big when they come. I just kept the messages while I was lurking for when I returned. I really missed the group.
Teresa in MD
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