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One year before retirement, I bought a Designer 1+(Husqvana Viking) thinking
I would learn all about it when I retired. WRONG! Once a year goes by, the
classes are less available. I need help learning to make embroidery initials
small enough to place on the cuff of  my four year old grandson's  shirt
cuff. Is this possible?

Re: Husqvana Viking Designer 1+
wryfield wrote:
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I had the 1+ for about a year.  It was traded in on a Designer1 after
that.  It should be possibile to make embroidery initials small enough.
  I will have to look at my Designer1 stuff to review the fonts that
come with the 1+.  I remember that there was one of the fonts for the 1+
that didn't have the smaller size.  I may be remembering that
incorrectly but check because that could heavily influence your choice
of font.  For a four year old, I suspect you would want the smallest
size of the fonts.  I think even the medium-sized font would be too
large for a four-year-old's cuff.  My guess is that either Clarendon or
Kalligraphia would be best for your purposes.  I would suggest that you
test either in the smallest font size.  Clarendon is more like printing
as taught in school.  Kalligraphia is more decorative.  Palace is more
like script if you like that look.  There are also built in alphabets on
the 1+ that are smaller and more delicate.  They might be useful for
what you want.

For a very helpful group, I highly recommend the yahoo group for the
1+/Orchidea.  They will help fill in the gaps in knowledge you have from
not getting the classes.  Go to Yahoo groups and search on "Viking 1+"
or on "Orchidea" and you should find the group.  They are probably the
best resource next to having the classes from the dealer.  Someone in
that group could answer your question right away about the smallest font
that would be useful for your project.

Another tremendous resource is Jan Hennings web pages.  Go to and check out her tips page.  She has some
very useful information on the 1+.  I have heard many people say that
her video tutorials are very comprehensive.  I have not yet bought one
so I can't tell you from personal experience.  I think she is moderating
the yahoo list for the 1+.

I bought my 1+ on ebay so classes weren't really an option.  I did
pretty well by watching the video, reading the manual and using web
resources.  I also took a workshop from Nancy's Notions on machine
embroidery.  We didn't use the same brand of machine but some of the
tips they taught there would work for whatever machine you used.  You
can learn to use your 1+ even if you don't have the classes.  Have you
asked the dealer if they can arrange for you to have someone work with
you even if they don't have a class for the 1+ scheduled?  If you bought
the machine there, you might be able to get some one-on-one time with
someone in the shop.  You might find you get everything you would have
in a 3-hour class in an hour or so.  Good luck with your projects.

Marilyn in MN

Re: Husqvana Viking Designer 1+
Thank you, thank you! This information and newsgroup is great! Wanda
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Re: Husqvana Viking Designer 1+ /

VERY nice people in this group. Jan has instructional videos for the 1+,
etc.  Join the group!


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