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Hi, I have a Kenmore sewing machine and just recieved the gather presser
foot for it.  I tried it out and it just sewed a straight smooth stitch.  I
did some research online and found that I need to change my tension and
stitch length, I got it to start gathering.  When I was running a skinny
length of fabric through the foot to attach as I am gathering (as you would
if adding elastic)  it would only gather every eighth or quarter inch, not a
steady gather.  Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?  I have sewn
several clothing items for myself including a 3-piece wardrobe, but I am
still a novice at sewing.  I would like to learn how to make my clothes look
more professional.
Thank You,

Re: New Gathering Foot
There are settings on the foot.....if you want a gather for each stitch
you set it on 1......for every 6 stitches, set it on 6 and so forth.
Also.......shortening or lenghthening the stitch will effect the
gather.  As far as I know, it is not a question of tension.........

Re: New Gathering Foot
Pat in Arkansas wrote:
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I believe what you're explaining is the ruffling foot.  If what Brenda
is using is a gathering foot, it doesn't have the options you mention.

Doreen in Alabama

Re: New Gathering Foot
Brenda Moffett wrote:
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I don't think you're doing anything wrong.  Gathering approximately
every eighth inch is about the best a gathering foot will do, if I
remember correctly (I haven't used mine in recent years, since DGDs were
little).  As you've discovered, tension and stitch length are the
controlling factors.  The foot is a great timesaver when you have lots
of ruffles to do, but results won't look quite the same as gathering by
pulling the threads of double or triple lines of stitching.

Doreen in Alabama

Re: New Gathering Foot
Thank you Ladies.  Doreen, it is just a gathering foot, no settings.  I was
thinking it would an even gather the whole length of the stitch.  I am
thinking I should have gotten a ruffler foot instead.  Maybe when I can
afford it later on.
Thanks again for the info.
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Re: New Gathering Foot
Brenda Moffett wrote:
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Try to get someone to demonstrate a ruffler before you invest in one.
Ruffling feet (that I'm familiar with) gather fabric by making repeated
tiny pleats, or tucks.  Very helpful for certain home dec projects, such
as bedskirts or ruffled curtains, but it seems to me a ruffler has
limited usefulness in clothing construction unless you make a lot of
costumes, ballgown underpinnings, or garments of that nature.

Doreen in Alabama

Re: New Gathering Foot
If you have a older sewing machine sometimes you can get the feet on
ebay cheap.
I've seen box sets on ebay. And have won some myself. And I've seen the
gathering feet too.

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