Fabric Paint for PVC Skirt?

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Hi there, does anyone have experience painting on PVC or leather? I'm
looking for a good quality fabric paint that obviously doesn't require
ironing after drying. Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers!

Re: Fabric Paint for PVC Skirt?

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I don't think that fabric paints will work very well on PVC. They
won't adhere very well to the smooth non-porous surface.  I think your
best bet would be an opaque paint marker intended for use on plastic.

For leather, a concentrated leather dye would probably work acceptably
well.  (Leather is more porous than PVC, and you can dye or paint it
much more easily, unless it's patent leather.)

Jenn Ridley : snipped-for-privacy@chartermi.net

Re: Fabric Paint for PVC Skirt?
Jenn, thanks for the help. Never heard of paint markers before. Sounds
like the ideal tool for the job though. So I'm off on a marker-hunt!

Re: Fabric Paint for PVC Skirt?

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Have a care if you get the spirit based ones.  Some of them can sort
of melt PVC so do a test first.  Those same spirit based paint markers
will likely be the ones that work best on leather however.

There are acrylic "leather dyes".  I have used them and they
definitely have a tendancy to flake.  The alcohol based ones are
Many people I know who have ornamented leather jackets and such have
used standard artists colors, both oil and acrylic, to good and long
lasting effect.  Just make sure you use thinned layers instead of
laying it on thick.

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