*waving at Pirjo*

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I thought I saw a message posted by you earlier as I was skimming over the
messages (can't read them all... way too many to catch up with), so I
thought I'd wave at you and wish you the best.  I hope everything is going
well for you in your new job and new place you're living.  :o)


Re: *waving at Pirjo*

Actually I am in education at the moment. Law things...I can not explain =

it very well, Auntie Nora knows more. But it is just the basics...I=20
won't get any diploma or anything. Or maybe a diploma but I won't be a=20
judge or anything else after that education. Thanks for being there...My =

life is a little messy there in Haapavesi, but in Haapaj=E4rvi everything=
is as it is meant to be.
Best: Pirjo

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