Apple/Cheddar Pie

I have never understood the attraction to a slice of apple pie topped with a slice of cheddar.
Where and HOW did that food custom start? I have lived in the north and now the south but never see anyone serving apple pie this way.
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Mr. Bill
Apples and cheese are such a natural combination, IMO. They just go so well together. I've eaten it on rare occasion at home but not out as I never see it sold or served that way but in homes.
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Mr. Bill, just WHERE have you lived that you have never seen this? A slice of apple pie with a chunk of sharp cheddar was de rigueur when I was growing up. It's delicious! Such a complimentary contrast of flavors... yum!
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You're talking to a guy who always has exactly the same menu for every holiday. He's not much for branching out. If Billy's mother never paired apple pie and cheddar, the combination is strange and frightening to him.
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Bob Terwilliger
It started as far back as I can remember. It has to be real cheddar. Even a mild one will do. What I can't understand is the slices of processed cheese I have seen on apple pie. Yech.
Apple and cheddar is a good combination. Pear and blue cheese is an even better one.
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Dave Smith
Have you ever had a cheese/fruit plate with wine? A good friend gave us Harry & David pears,apples, and cheddar for Xmas- really a good combo...
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That reminds me that somewhere, can't quite recall where, I had apple pie with portwine-cheddar on it.
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l, not -l

A slice of apple pie and a piece of cheddar cheese were, and still are, pretty standard fare at a Vermont farm's breakfast table. Pies were/are commonly served for breakfast. And the combination is often found on restaurant dessert menus around here. Especially during "leaf peeper"season!
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