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When I use my candy thermometer I calibrate it first ? I know that water
boils at 212°F at my altitude. Last time I made candy (December) it was
off by 7° and I adjusted accordingly; accuracy is important when making
How do I know if my oven thermometer is accurate? How accurate does a
baking temp have to be for baking bread?
My new thermometer (Taylor, non-gourmet-line product, bought at Target
this morning for $6) says my oven is cool by 15 degrees. How do I know
if that's accurate? I have no way to calibrate it that I know about.
Is that (15 degrees off) going to make a difference in outcome if baking
time isn't changed?
I'm trying to figure out if that's why my bread bottoms are a titch
underdone. I like the color of the crust. Yeah, I'll bake a loaf with
my oven set to 465° to see how that is but I'm curious right now.
Inquiring Mind Wants to Know.
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