Pound Cake - What Temperature Done?

I baked a pound cake this morning, and, to avoid future use of the
wife's wooden skewers, thus incurring her wrath, I decided to measure
the internal temperature with my digital thermometer after visual check
and a one-time use of one skewer, for future reference so that I might
use internal temperature rather than shoving sharp objects into the cake.
I checked the temperature (Lazily, in only one location), which was
208°F/98°C after removing the cake from the oven, 1hr45' after starting
in a Bundt pan, from a cold oven set at 325°F/163°C. In future, I'll
check several areas just before removing the cake, but as a one time
"cheap and dirty" check, I wonder whether any of you folks have
performed the same "experiment" with a pound cake also.
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Dan Wenz
On Fri, 06 Mar 2009 12:56:57 -0500, Dan Wenz wrote:
Before ramming it full of holes with the digital....just do a close examination. The cake will be done when it is golden and you see it SLIGHTLY pulling away from the edge of the pan. It is done. Cakes have been baked for centuries without the aid of a digial thermometer.
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Mr. Bill
"Dan Wenz" I baked a pound cake this morning, and, to avoid future use of the wife's
I haven't used my digital thermometer on a pound cake, but I have used it on a rich fruit cake. I set the alarm just short of 212F/100C, then back of the oven and hold 212/100 for the duration of the recipe.
For example recipe "Bake for 2 hours 15min at 325F/160C" Alarm goes off after 90mins so I drop the temperature for the next 45 mins, and try and maintain the internal cake temp of 212/100. This insures that the center is moist, without being over or undercooked.
For this recipe there is no need for me to use the thermometer again - unless I change the ingredients or weights etc. I then set the kitchen timer for 2hr 15m, then reduce the temperature 250F/120C for the next 45 mins. You would think the internal temp would go past 212/100, but it doesn't - well perhaps by a very small margin. Bertie
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Bertie Doe
Thanks for all responders - had to wipe my harddrive out and reformat some time ago, just getting back to this Group. Baking another now using a recipe from America's Test Kitchen.
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Dan Wenz

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